We are developing with a focus on the real world.

We recognize that VR is a technology that expands possibilities and enriches people by expanding the world they see.

The main focus of what has been done with the term IT has been to improve efficiency, but I believe that the VR, which frees our vision by placing screens in front of our eyes, has another role to play in expanding human potential.
And VR technology is still in its infancy.

In recent years, VR devices for the public have begun to be widely distributed, and there have been more media reports about them. It has been slowly gaining popularity up to now.
However, not everyone is enjoying virtual worlds yet.
The major bottlenecks in the spread of virtual worlds have been computer processing power and lack of content, but these problems are being solved.
Recent innovations in technology, including game engines, have led to the release of a number of software titles that offer wonderful visuals, immersive experiences, ideas, and creativity.

However, we have recently come to realize that we are still some distance away from a future where everyone can easily move between the real and virtual worlds, and that there are new bottlenecks preventing the spread of VR.
Even though VR-compatible HMDs may seem fresh and interesting when they are first purchased, many people succumb to the one-step process of playing them, so not many people still use them on a daily basis for a long time.
For example,
– Have to connect it to your PC
– Almost fell on the cable
– The controller is missing
– The controller has a dead battery

We are researching and developing technologies and software that utilize hand tracking technology with standalone device to easily enhance the sense of immersion and solve these problems.

And, Through VR, we intend to enrich the world of human perception.



A VR casual game hub where you can physically experience it!
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